Bettina Doulton

During a visit to Maine in 2006, Bettina fell in love with a 200-year-old farmhouse in Lincolnville, Maine. The building and business were for sale so she purchased them and brought new passion to the business that is Cellardoor Winery. She left her 21-year career at Fidelity Investments behind to embrace a bold new chapter in her life. It wasn’t long before Bettina selected Phi Builders + Architects for its design build services and set out to renovate and rejuvenate the winery.

Since then, Phi and Bettina partnered on a number of projects at the winery and a strong business relationship was formed. So in 2012, the natural progression was for Bettina to become a partner at Phi Builders + Architects. She has become an integral component of our ongoing success. Bettina brings her business acumen and unique understanding of the clients’ perspective to Phi while continuing to develop her beautiful winery.